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Weekly In-Home Personal Chef Services:


Think of it like hiring a maid service, but with food! I prepare your meals fresh in your home kitchen with the finest natural and organic ingredients available. Choose to be present, or not. I bring everything I need, do the shopping, the cooking and the cleaning.


Sound good? Let's get started..


Chef Sarah's Weekly In-home Personal Chef Service Includes:


  • Fully Customized Menu Plan
  • Fresh Grocery Shopping
  • Fresh Preparation and Cooking in Your Home Kitchen
  • Packaging, Storing and Labeling of Your Meals
  • Simple to Follow Handling Instructions
  • Kitchen Clean-up
Personal Chef and Private Chef Sarah's Dishes For Highland Village, West Lake, Lantana, Flower Mound, Roanoke, Lewisville, Colleyville, Grapevine, Denton, and Southlake

Personal Chef Services

I'm intrigued. How would this work?

First, you and I get together. Over email, conference call, whatever works. I learn who you are and what your goals are, if your married, have children, and what their preferences are as well. Then I can get started...


Plan a custom menu for your approval. This is based off a simple questionairre you will fill out about your family's tastes, allergies, and preferences. It is entirely up to your approval.


Your menu will consist of 5 entrees and 5 side dishes, for 4 people. So 4 portions of each selection for a total of 20 meals. You can always add on more portions, dishes, fresh juice, grab and go breakfasts, homemade icecream, or that cool thing you saw on pinterest.


When the menu is approved we will schedule a date. I start shopping at 8am and usually arrive by 9-10am to your home. I will unload groceries, bring in my tools and work kit and begin cooking your menu. All I need is a stove, a refrigerator, a sink , and a microwave. 


I cook for about 4-5 hours. I neatly package everything in tupperware or pyrex glass containers. I apply the large, easy to read labels of each dish complete with reheating instructions on each container for you convenience. I also leave a large menu with detailed reheating and serving instructions.


Then I clean your kitchen. Score!


When I leave you have a clean kitchen and a fridge full of freshly prepared, high quality, custom meals.
Sarah Penrod, Personal Chef

Sounds Intriguing? Try a sample service for $400 for a limited time.

My service is just $450 per visit, plus groceries

Who can benefit from hiring a personal chef?

Sarah Penrod, Personal Chef

You may be interested in hiring a personal chef if you or your family...


  • Have no time to cook.

  • Do not know how to cook or do not like to cook.

  • Are tired of eating unhealthy take-out/fast-food.

  • Are looking to lose weight.

  • Are wanting to try a new diet (paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc.)

  • Would like more variety in your diet.

  • Have a specific dietary need and/or restriction.

  • Have a busy family and want to spend more time at the dinner table and less time cooking.

  • Are a busy business professional.

  • Are a new or expecting parent.

  • Are a busy single parent.

  • Are a bachelor/bachelorette.

  • Are a busy college student.

  • Are recovering from an injury or illness.

  • Would like to learn more about food, ingredients and cooking.

  • Are interested in trying new types of cuisine.

  • Feel that hiring a personal chef would be beneficial to your lifestyle.

Sarah Penrod, Personal Chef
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